Yerf-Dog MiniBike #31700
5hp engine for power and reliability
Big Hog motorcycle Style
2yr engine limited warranty
Made in USA

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Yerf-Dog MiniBike #31700
5 HP, 172cc engine Tecumseh¨ air cooled, 4-cycle engine for reliable, durable power
Centrifugal clutch Consistent smooth drive, no shifting
Balanced chassis Even weight distribution for easier riding and turning
Maximum Speed 20mph Power for fun and limited for safety
Made in USA Quality product and family jobs
Comfort & Convenience
Glossy powder coat finish paint Low maintenance, even coverage and durable wear
On/Off switch Easy, convenient access for immediate engine control
Spring cushion seat Better on bumps for added comfort
25" seat height Tall enough to see ahead, low enough for control
Toll free tech support Available 5 days a week to answer questions and ship parts
2yr engine limited warranty Peace of mind coverage
Safety and Security
Drum & band brakes Safe, reliable system for excellent stopping power
Kick stand Upright support for mini bike and easy storage
Oversized headlamp Always on for terrain and rider visibility
Tire measurements Excellent knobby tires 20x7-8
Vehicle measurements Sturdy H40"xW3"xL67" at 37lbs * (fits in pick-up truck)
Carton measurements Triple corrugated wall H40"xW8.5"xL68.5" * at 25 lbs
Recommended use age 16 and over Always ride off-road with a helmet and parental supervision
Rider limit 150lbs For safety, limit total rider(s) weight to 150lbs.
Requires some assembly Please review owner's manual or call 888.926.6554